Food Time

One of my least favorite parts about living in Scotland has been not having a car. A car not only gets you out and about when the weather is dreadful, but it makes quick trips a breeze. The lack of a car has been most noticeable when getting groceries, because we've had to run over to the shops in all sorts of weather for the most mundane items. (Like butter. We really go through a ton of butter here. It's crazy!) 

Having the pram has helped a ton, because at least we can plop the groceries in the basket and off we go, but have you ever tried to cram a week's worth of groceries in the basket of an Uppababy Cruz? The basket is large, but not THAT large. 

Enter grocery delivery services! 

I had no clue this existed until last year. I can't believe I didn't utilize it sooner! Making up for that now! 

When I was pregnant the thought of going into the shops made me so ill. I couldn't stand the smell of anything, even the produce area was tainted by nasty smells. I always create a meal schedule and loooooong grocery list every week, but surviving the store after walking up was not happening (especially after we moved further away from the shops). Once I discovered ASDA delivered groceries, I pretty much never go into the store unless I have to, haha. 

It's really basic. Order what you like on the website (I have my favorite brands and I can tally up exactly how much it's going to cost), select a delivery time, and checkout. My groceries came yesterday (I get a text when they're out for delivery so I can track the truck), the driver brings them to our back door, I unload the crates (thereby saving on plastic bags as well!), and voila! My grocery shopping is done for the week! 

I've found that it saves time and money, and as an avid online shopper, I'd much rather buy my groceries online in my yoga pants than venture out in the rain with two wee ones. :) It's a win-win!