Feels like home

Home, that place where warm, fuzzy feelings manifest themselves. The place where it’s ok to lounge around in your pajamas until ridiculously late on Saturdays. Where you can pile the pillows up on the couch and binge watch Netflix. The four walls that are the backdrop to so many of your hopes and dreams fulfilled. Familiar faces beam from the pictures on the fridge and the walls. The bed is comfortable and you know exactly how to turn on the hot water for the perfect shower.

Where is home? I’ve begun to really ponder that question these past few months.

I have left bits and pieces of my heart behind in the places I visit. A large part of my heart is in Maine, where I grew up because it is the place that made me, me! The wind, the snow, and the ocean shaped me and taught me to breathe and swim and embrace life with arms wide open.  A small piece of my heart is on a beautiful island in Canada where I fell in love with red clay, potato fields, and the fantastic stories about Anne-girl. Another part of me was left in Wyoming where the Grand Tetons loom over the airport and moose and buffalo walk across the road. Where the straight fields meet the largest mountains I have ever seen and the eerie call of the elk echoes from the cliffs. Right now though, my heart is in South Carolina, because it is here that I have fallen in love and it will be here that I marry my love and begin a new life.

But where do I belong? Right now? I belong where I am. In five months, I will belong in Scotland. In five years, I don’t know where I’ll be, but what I do know is that I’ll keep leaving bits and pieces of my heart so I will keep returning back.

As I prepare for this “Grand Adventure” I invite you along. I can’t promise perfection, because heck, nobody is perfect! What I can and will promise you is a look into my life as an expat first in Scotland and then who knows where. (Ok, I MAY know where but I won’t say anything until we move there.) I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that this scary, incredibly, FUN, journey called life is calling me and I can’t wait to get moving and start living!