Camping Wish List

My husband has been aching to go camping again and after listening to him talk about favorite campsites, and hiking, and his grand plans for our next camping trip, I suggested we go camping. It’s been well over ten years since I was last camping and we agreed that I needed a gradual return to the rugged lifestyle. So we’re staying at a campground that has both warm showers AND running toilets!

We decided that the weekend of July 4th would be the perfect date as well, since we already got Friday off and this allows us a full two days out in the wild and an extra day at home to relax (or in my case, enjoy sleeping on a bed again and completely enjoying the creature comforts of home).

Since I have no camping equipment (except for an eno which my husband bought for me last weekend!!!) and all of my husband’s equipment was burned in a forest fire, I’m creating a wish list for my ideal camping trip. (Is it considered camping if I still want a real mattress? Please say yes!)

lamp to keep the bears away at night. I absolutely adore the bright yellow!

These moleskine notebooks , to write down campfire recipes, sketch out early morning scenes, doodle plants, and of course, the paper can be used to start a fire with.

This green, plaid throw to keep me warm outside (this campground is in the mountains and apparently it gets cold there!) and inside the tent.

This hat to prevent my nose from getting sunburned.

Either these  or these for loafing around camp.

This tent!! 

A plaid cotton shirt for me, and a plaid cotton shirt for him. (sensing a trend here? I’m mad about plaid!)

Pretty sure I can be quite high maintenance when camping, but a girl can dream, am I right? ;)