Food & Cooking

See, I’m writing… I have discovered that the quiet times at work make suitable times for blogging. Of course, I can’t publish to the blog at work so I have to write and publish later that night. *thinking happy thoughts*

I’ve begun cooking again (or something equally experimental.) My biggest problem? How to create healthy, delicious meals that don’t cost a fortune. I’m pretty sure this is an overall problem. And while I don’t foresee this blog as becoming a cooking blog (All my friends and family out there know me well enough to chuckle over THAT idea! Ha!) I do want to add in my cheap, creative meals as I find them. Some may not be cheap. Some may require four packages of cream cheese which isn’t cheap at all, but since that recipe makes a delicious cheesecake, it’s an acceptable splurge. Between the cooking and then the cleaning, I’m exhausted by 7:00pm and all I want is a good drink, my laptop, and some Netflix. It’s tough getting older.

We’re trying to live off the land this summer, at least, as much as possible. We have four small plots at the neighborhood community garden. My herb garden is looking luscious and green and there are these random cherry tomato plants popping up all over. And I mean, all over. I found one growing out from a lavender plant on Sunday. Naturally, my husband isn’t a fan of tomatoes, so I need to figure out how exactly I am going to smuggle these little goodies of summer into every single possible meal. Seriously. Same with the zucchini. Oh yeah, I have big plans for that 11 inch long zucchini sitting on my kitchen counter. Mmmhmmm. Of course, I’m torn. Do I cut it up finely, and make a veggie lasagna out of it? Of course, add the meat for my carnivorous husband, but add in more veggies than the usual lasagna calls for. Or do make the most delicious looking pasta from an Ottoleghi recipe with thin slices of fried zucchini thrown in? It looks decadent.

Whichever recipe I try, I’ll post it. Unless it fails, in which case, you’ll just have to wait until the next time I experiment when our locally grown (cheap!) food. :)