Last weekend

This past weekend we drove down to Pensacola, FL for the last wedding for the Walker Family Wedding Marathon. It was the third wedding in three months! The wedding was beautiful and while we all loved seeing family every month, it is a relief to know that the season of weddings have ended and we can begin saving up for things other than trips to family weddings!

Of course, a Florida wedding involved a drive down to Florida (yeah, road trip!) We listened to lots of music, lots of football (or soccer, depending on your dialect), had lots of awesome conversations with the in-laws, and of course played frisbee in the water and on the beach after the wedding reception. Of course, no crazy trip would be complete without late nights, early mornings, lots of amazing food and coffee, and a really fun shopping trip to the mall. The least relaxing weekend we’ve had in a while, but oh-so-fun! I’m loving seeing family that I know we won’t get to see for a year while we’re in Scotland so I’m soaking up the time now!

Pensacola itself did not impress me. I was expecting a mini-Charleston, with some modern amenities and fewer regal homes. Instead, it was rather junky, except for the beach which was incredibly crowded with restaurants, cars, and people. Homeless people stood on every corner and half of the buildings were run down or very poorly cared for.

So, Florida, you’re sorta junky, but I really loved your beaches and I’m totally ready to sit out in the sun next time and enjoy it! Fingers crossed I’ll be back soon and maybe throw in a trip to Orlando for Harry Potter World too! : )