Decisions, decisions

You know how you feel when the rug is pulled out from under you and you just sorta plop down and sit there and survey your surroundings? That’s how I feel right now. Someone pulled out a rug and I’m sitting down, staring at the rug and trying to be optimistic.

We’re not going to Scotland this year.

It wasn’t an easy decision (heck, are they EVER?) but it is something that we feel is right for right now. Honestly, everything fit into place so perfectly for us to stay, making it difficult for us to decide to push against things and go. My husband’s enrollment rolled right over into next fall, his job allows him to stay for another year and perhaps he can get a promotion (!!), and we can stay in our current apartment for as long as we need to while saving money.

It’s still disappointing. I went green with envy when I saw one of my friends was going to London this fall. When I look at blogs, Instagram, and Facebook only to see people traveling abroad, I feel a twinge of sadness. It was going to be our journey as a newly married couple, and I was SO excited to see the world this fall with my husband.

On the bright side, we can save money, which is the main factor we’re not leaving this year. We can also do some local traveling and we’ve already planned a second camping trip.

Our main fear is that we will get “stuck” here. I keep reassuring my husband that I will not get stuck in a 300 square foot apartment. Nope.

This is life. There are ups and downs, joys alongside disappointments.

This is our life. We’re going to live it to the absolute fullest that we can.