High Five for Friday!

We made it. To Friday. Happy day!! It's also my husband's birthday so besides giving him lots of gifts, we're going to go out to dinner, go white water rafting on Saturday, and enjoy the weekend to the fullest! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for Friday. Here are some of this week's highlights! 

1. This cat. Being sick means he is über cuddly and I love it. (PS. I love this bathrobe. My sister got it from TJMaxx and it's the most comfortable thing in the world. 

2. Fresh fruit from the garden. I mean, really, guys. This watermelon and cantaloupe were some of the best ever and while part of it may be because we planted them and watered them, and talked to them (only sort of serious here...) I'm now excited for any other fruits we may get. 

3. Korean food. It's been too long and I LOVE me some good Korean food. That is some spicy kimchee over in the left corner. Delicious. 

4. (not pictured) We went and drooled over kittens at the humane society on Tuesday. We spent nearly two hours there but didn't come home with a kitten. I'm bummed still and a firm believer that Fezzik needs a buddy that will keep him busy all day long. Also, I left my phone in the car so I didn't get any pictures of the 20 cats we held (kid you not. Twenty. I smelt like a crazy cat lady but I would have willingly brought them all home if I could...) 

5. This movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel. An absolute HOOT. Watch it. Wes Anderson is not only a master storyteller that draws you into the movie, but his placement of characters is amazing. Everything in the movie is either vertical or horizontally moving. There is only one scene where an object moves diagonally and even then, it is in a perfectly straight lines. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends!