New camera lens

This is a BIG deal to me. For my birthday, my awesome husband (all on his own, but with help from my Amazon Wish List) got me this beautiful camera lens! It is a  85M-C 85mm F1.4 Aspherical Lens by Rokinon for Canon. Did I mention, I'm in love? 

 Just LOOK at that beautiful blurring!

Believe it or not, these flowers were triple the color and quantity last year... 

Chickens! Because fresh eggs have me spoiled.

My husband, the beekeeper.

About this time, I decided it would be best if I slowly walked away from the rather angry hive... 

One whole, beautiful box of honey! 

I'm greatly looking forward to doing more experimenting with this lens and fingers crossed, my photography will improve and I'll continue to learn and grow. 

Wish me luck!