Weekend links

Thrilled it is finally the weekend again! I foresee a crazy busy weekend full of work, spending time with family before they leave for Hawaii, movies, coffee dates (hey, Laura!!), and knitting. Here are some interesting links I found this week that I think you may enjoy.

This article  fascinated me!! I read it through twice. What kids around the world eat for breakfast. Soybeans and squash for breakfast. Could you (or would you) try that? And would you choose to feed your kids that? 

Curried popcorn? YES!?! 

I needed yet another DIY. Woven rope door mat. (Psst. Also, her blog is one of my favorites. Perfect bits of minimalism and beauty.)  

I keep drooling over the falls colors on Classy Girls Wear Pearls. If you need a bit of posh, New England fashion I highly suggest you check it out. 

Happy weekend!