Weekend Recap

Was it just me, or did this weekend FLY by? My weekends usually take up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday since my husband also has those days off. STILL! Three day weekends aren't supposed to just breeze on past.

It was an awesome weekend, though.

On Friday a group of us of us drove up to Hendersonville, NC because, why not?

Red leaves are my favorite. 

pumpkins, gourds, and baskets of apples

Of course, as tradition dictates, we ate at our favorite restaurant, Hanna Flannigans. (no good pictures- sorry!) I got the Irish dip soup (because I can't order anything else there. I'm quite literally unable to.) with the fresh chips because they're usually quite tasty. If you're looking for an appetizer, I can promise the spinach and artichoke dip will astound you. For dessert, I highly recommend the Irish Cream pie. Amazing. Delectable. If you're a coffee person, order some coffee and practically perfect. 

Downtown Hendersonville has some quaint stores, adorable coffee shops, and rambling antique stores. It is the perfect place to spend a warm, fall afternoon.