Mad for plaid

I get it, plaid is in... I don't remember plaid ever being quite so popular until this year. I blame those adorable plaid, blanket scarves that EVERYONE on the blogs are talking about.

But plaid? I've been wearing it for years. Heck, my father has been wearing the now popular "buffalo plaid" since before I was born. I love though that it is now finally popular and easy to wear because plaid is not only cute but warm and comfortable.

I've been playing around with my closet and trying to see how many styles I can pull off with my three plaid shirts (never fear, I'm adding a new one to my collection at Christmas)!

Like I said, loving the plaid.

I'll probably be doing a few more "wardrobe" style posts as the winter comes along. I don't have what is considered a capsule wardrobe but I do have a smallish closet this season and I'm working on using what I have to the fullest I can. ;) Stay tuned!