Thanksgiving Desserts

My family's Thanksgiving tradition has been a later Thanksgiving dinner and then a long nap (or Black Friday shopping spree) before the final, sweet meal of the day which consists solely of dessert. Delectable.

Thanksgiving has also prominently featured pies, of which I am not the hugest fan. I like my pies fresh from the oven and no older than 3 hours. Picky? Me? Never... To accommodate my finicky tastes, I've also included some of my favorite "non-pie" desserts.

First up! Ginger, apple crumble pie. It's vegan and dairy free and looks amazing. For a non-pie lover, this actually looks very tasty!

This pumpkin roll with maple cream cheese frosting sounds decadent. I'm a huge fan of pumpkin rolls and this has the best flavors for Thanksgiving!

Are you a last minute, procrastinating type of person that also burns every pie? (me too!) These Oreo acorn balls are clearly for you. While they take three hours to assemble, you don't have to worry about burning the crust of ensuring the pumpkin roll is even.

And lastly, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Perfect for the munchies, double as a breakfast food, and good year round, right?