Hawaii (????????)

In the middle of an exceptionally cold, South Carolina week, the thought of Hawaii is like a warm bolt of lighting.

Ok, mostly. Without the frizzy hair and pain involved in a lightning bolt.


I've never been to Hawaii and we are (fingers crossed) planning a trip in May! I'm over the moon and in stage of total preparation. Think excel sheets and internet tabs about the best places to go and what to see and what to do and where to eat....

Our (tentative) plan is 6 days on Oahu and 4+ days on Maui. The 6 days will be spent with my husband's family. Plan is to rent a sprawling house near the ocean and just soak up the sun, hike, kayak, eat, sleep, and truly enjoy Oahu.

The 4 days or so on Maui will be what I'm calling "Honeymoon 2.0". Basically we'll be doing the same thing we did on Oahu but with more hiking and we're going really explore the island as much as possible.

So, that's our big Hawaii vacation and the last family vacation before Scotland. Anyone else been there? Have any good tips? I'd love to hear them!