January (ness)

I have this love-hate relationship with January. Truly. The start of a New Year is always exciting, and that part about January I love. The actual month though, seems a bit of a drag. Gray days, dark nights, generally chilly weather, although this year has been very warm!

Did anyone else make New Years Resolutions? I got from the general overtone of many other bloggers, that resolutions are old-fashioned now. Personally, I loved sitting down with a pen and paper and writing out new ideas to implement this year. I've learned that a resolution must be attainable within a month for it to be successful for a year.

This year my husband and I resolved to:

1. Save more money
2. Eat healthier
3. Spend one night a week without electronics

I'm most excited for #3, which will probably be one of the hardest of this list. I'm addicted to my iPhone.

What about you? Did you make any resolutions?