Life Lately

I'm more than thrilled that January is at an end, but I'm completely flabbergasted as to how quickly it flew by!

But, here is a peek at my life and what has been going on in our insanely busy lives...

We celebrated our one year anniversary of getting engaged. I adore this picture and the beautiful colors in it! 

We had some frigid weather last week. I was so grateful for warm knitted scarves and five layers of clothing (not pictured). 

My love for succulents hasn't dissipated. This plant at Lowe's got me all excited for spring planting! Maybe this year I won't kill all of them by the first week in June. 

Kale and quinoa are rapidly becoming the perfect go-to lunch combination. Add a bit of feta cheese, a dab of butter, some salt and pepper and it's insanely delicious (and healthy!) 

This beauty of a drink is some combination of a Mexican hot chocolate meets espresso meets a delicately toasted marshmallow topping. While it looked better than it tasted, I have to hand it to Due South for their creation of a beautifully designed drink! 

This is every day. Cup of tea. Fountain pen. Macbook. Paper for lists or random sketches. This day I was creating a list of all the places we hope to visit this year! :) 

There you have it folks! A bit of daily life, couple of special occasions, and lots and lots of iPhone pictures :) Have a wonderful weekend!!