Going West: The Jackson Hole Edition

I first flew into Wyoming two years ago in October. It was cold, chilly, brisk, clear, and absolutely took my breath away. I fell in love with the mountains at first sight. When I left, I felt as though I left a part of myself in that rugged country.

Old barn on Mormon Row.

This time it was even more incredible. I was familiar with the landscape but that first view still took my breath away.

Sadly, our time in Jackson, Wyoming was short lived, but we did manage to see some sights, eat at some tasty restaurants, and enjoy the mountain air before we headed into the backcountry for a wedding and then into Yellowstone and Grand Teton to explore. 

Schwabacher Landing on the Snake River


Eating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 

Oh goodness, Jackson has some excellent eating! We ate lunch at the always timely,

Silver Dollar Bar

and found it tasty as always. We got there early and scored a table in front of the open windows and the view was picturesquely framed by a window flower bed. The fresh air blew in as we ate and it was a genuinely tasty meal. (Note: Lunch prices were between $11-25 a plate but dinner prices are considerably more. The atmosphere is lovely though, but the service was a bit slow.)

We ate dinner at

Pizza Caldera

and the pizza was very tasty but the service was exceedingly slow. In face, we had to send my husband back to find our server who shamefacedly gave us our check (It took about 35 minutes for us to get our check


we had finished eating. Several other tables ordered, ate, and paid in the time it took for us to get our check.) There was a lengthy line and tables were in short order. I would recommend the pizza because it was very tasty, but go early to avoid a wait!

We did stop at the

Persephone Bakery

the last morning we were there for breakfast. I fell in LOVE. The decor is simple, white and very open. I had an excellent pot of tea, my friend had an amazing cup of coffee and yogurt. My husband experimented with a cup of Irish coffee and said it was the best he had ever had! (High praise coming from a man who felt quite out of his element with the decor.) ;)

Lastly, we stopped at

Cowboy Coffee

on our way to the airport. The serve cheap, tasty, hot beverages (sadly we didn't try the food.) It was a quick cup and much cheaper then Starbucks on the other side of town. 

What to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 

Um, shop? There are so many awesome little shops in the town square. There are also maps that give you directions to the locally made shops which I highly recommend. Buy local, people!

If you have several hours, go visit the

National Museum of Wildlife Art

, conveniently located on the outskirts of town, heading towards the national parks. They have an amazing collection, friendly staff, and expansive gift shop. My favorite new artist is Carl Rungius and they have a whole room full of his works. This is a must see!

Of course, there are several history museums to visit, the iconic town square complete with four antler corners and you are right on the edge of two gorgeous national parks. Plenty to do for everyone in this quaint, mountain town. 

Next time I will visit... 

Teton Village - I hear there are spectacular views of the whole valley and I would love to see that!

We had made plans to eat at the 

Bar J

 ranch the last night we were there but simply were too exhausted to make it. :( According to my sister-in-law, the food is tasty, but make recommendations and get there early to have a good seat.

Jackson, Wyoming remains one of my favorite small towns. It is still quaint, but bustling. There is definitely plenty to do and if we had more then 24 hours total in the town, I'm sure this list would have been much longer (and our wallets much slimmer!)