Bald (ing) Rock

Ah yes... After approximately 1.5 weeks of being at home, we got cabin fever and ran away to the mountains of North Carolina for part of the day. I was getting anxious to see mountains before our trip to Wyoming later this week, so it seemed as good a time as any to get out and get some fresh air. 

It was raining as we drove up to the top of the mountain. An excellent time to sit in the car and take a nap! ;) 

But, the rain moved on, leaving gloomy, foggy skies and lots of misty rising from the rocks and hills.

After Bald Rock, we drove up the rest of the mountain to Caesar's Head. Gorgeous views, as always.  

Little day trips like this are always such a blast. It gives Aaron and I a good chance to just talk and relax without the distraction of phones. The added benefit of course is seeing what scenes lie just beyond our doorstep.