Tiny apartments 101 | Part 1

Since my husband and I live in a 300 square foot apartment, we have become nearly experts on making every single space matter. Life with two humans, two cats, and a rather impressive cast iron collection has made us realize that we'd better figure out where stuff goes or else get rid of it. Since getting rid of the cast iron was never an option, we needed a place to store our pots and pans.

When I moved into the apartment, I kept my four pots and five pans in a cupboard along with my slow cooker, two cookie sheets, pyrex cooking dishes... Basically the door was booby trapped and any unsuspecting person may become an invalid after two pyrex dishes and a frying pan tumbled on a foot.

Losing an appendage was never really a good option, and instead my brilliant husband decided that we needed an overhang to store our pots and pans.

We found several online at various stores that would have worked but were either too bulky, too big, too small, or didn't have enough storage for it to be a good investment. Of course, wall space is a premium and we didn't even know where we would put whatever monstrosity we purchased.

In the end my husband realized that we (ok, he) needed to make exactly what we needed to fit in our kitchen.

Several pieces of wood, hours of staining, two black shelf holders (ok, whatever they are called) and lots of hooks later, we have a place to put our pots and pans. (If you're looking for a tutorial, you're on your own. Good luck. I just supervised) 

We sorta like cast iron... This is only a small part of the collection.

This was really the first (and only) major adjustment we made towards space-saving. Additionally, it is my favorite part of the kitchen because everything we need is within reach plus it looks so nice! All of our other changes are minor, but stay tuned! I have plenty of recommendations that don't involve throwing out everything you own to make a tiny apartment seem spacious.