Charleston in the Fall

Charleston in the fall is one of the greatest Southern locals to chose from. My husband's family and I l spent one day exploring the city and showing off what beauties Charleston and Mount Pleasant has to offer.

We did some new stuff, but it was a total hit. Of course, we ended up missing some vital parts of the city but by the end of day, we just wanted to sit somewhere comfortable and sleep.

We started the day off on the ferry to Fort Sumter. While we'd never been there, I'm pleased to mark that location off our bucket list, but I don't think it was the best use of money/time. Overly expensive and after thirty minutes, we were getting a little bored. Don't get me wrong, it has a fascinating history, but there is only so much to see on the tiny, little sand bar the fort was built on.

I love this bridge. I'm hoping to to run the Cooper River Bridge run this next April and finally run across it. Ambitious? VERY!

 Boats next to the Yorktown.

Approaching the fort. See how tiny the sandbar is? 

Low tide. 

Hitting up the boardwalk for a post-lunch walk. Lunch at Vicerys and it was quite good. Not stellar, but good. 


Incoming shrimp boat. I'm always reminded of Forest Gump when I see these. 

Not pictured: 

Shopping on King Street. 

Ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. 

The Market. 

The five Starbucks we visited. 

Lunch at Vickerys.

Places we missed: 

The Battery.

Hymans (a tradition. I've hit it up nearly every trip to Charleston.) 

The Pineapple Fountain. 

Sightseeing... In the hills of SC

That title is a bit shocking... if you live here in South Carolina that is. If you're like me, the only picturesque places to travel too are along the coast. My darling husband is working on changing my mind though of the Upcountry.

This, of course, gave way to a couple of thoughts. Since I'm still here in Greenville, I'll give a look at what's local, as often as I can.

This was our most recent adventure...

Twin falls. :) 

Who knew something this gorgeous existed in the hills of Western South Carolina? ;)