Tennessee Aquarium

On our drive back from Alabama, we decided to avoid the aggravation that is called Atlanta and instead drive through Tennessee. We both prefer the scenery and calmer traffic and while the radio choices left much to be desired, it gave us the opportunity to stop in Chattanooga and visit the aquarium there. The husband and I love visiting aquariums and the reviews were quite positive so we decided to give it a shot.

It was spectacular.

We saw not only vast numbers of saltwater fish, but there was an separate entire building dedicated to freshwater fish. This exhibit touched on freshwater sources in Tennessee to lakes in Africa to the streams of China. Each plaque had details on the fish and creatures living in the exhibit and gave information on the environment from which they originated. We saw hundreds of fish, turtles, and frogs of course, but I also saw some of the weirdest sea creatures I’ve ever seen.

The very top of the freshwater fish building housed snakes (in cages!) and four, playful otters all in an open, airy room with plenty of natural light, trees, and a waterfall that ran into a massive fish tank full of Tennessee, freshwater fish. The freshwater fish building was very well designed and allowed hundreds of people in the building and spread them out so people didn’t cluster in front of one particular fish tanks. The traffic was constantly moving, which gave everyone the chance to see every exhibit.

The saltwater building contained a massive tank for sharks, rays, sea turtles, schools of fish, and a whole exhibit dedicated to jellyfish and similar creatures. There was a large room for butterflies, filled with brightly colored flowers and warm, humid air. There was a dive show, which caused my palms to sweat because of the close proximity of the divers and the sharks in the large fish tank.

This was a beautiful aquarium, and easily one of the best ones I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend it!

*The aquarium knows nothing about me and I was not compensated for this post. All opinions and pictures are my own. I just liked this aquarium and needed to share the fun!*